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Skydiving Video & Still Photo Packages

Relive the thrill of the fall, over and over again, when you sign up for one of our skydiving video packages! A professional skydiving videographer will record your entire skydive experience!

The video of your skydive will start with a pre-flight interview about yourself, why you’re doing the jump, and what you expect to get from the experience. Once the plane takes off and climbs to altitudes of over 10,000 feet, you’ll exit the plane with a skydiving videographer following close suit.

Your exciting freefall will be captured using a special camera mounted on the videographer’s helmet. After your skydive is complete, you will be provided with a DVD containing the footage. You may also receive a musically enhanced edited version of your skydiving ride that should include your name and date of your skydive. Don't miss a minute of the heart-pounding action!

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