Learn to Skydive: Accelerated Freefall Skydiving Training

Accelerated Freefall is our most popular training method. Usually for those who have already made a first tandem skydive, Accelerated Freefall training (AFF) is also suitable for a first time skydiver. This skydive requires approximately 6 hours of ground training prior to your first jump to prepare you for that first exciting jump without a tandem master.

After your classroom and practical demonstrations are complete, you will be fitted with a skydiving suit, goggles, helmet, altimeter and parachute system. Your Thrillations skydiving gear will be equipped with an automatic parachute deployment system that will engage if needed. You will be assigned two certified skydiving instructors. You leave the plane with your instructors holding on to you but they are not attached. They will assist you with some freefall training maneuvers, and with deploying your main parachute. At this point you will pilot your parachute back to the landing area with some assistance from the ground to air communication system.

This completes your Accelerated Freefall level 1 training skydive. An awesome experience for the adventure enthusiast. Video and or still pictures of you on this milestone skydive are available upon request.

Accelerated Freefall training has seven training levels. Once these are complete you are cleared to skydive by yourself at any skydiving facility in the world.

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