Learn to Hang Glide!

Hang gliding is the most peaceful and exciting form of personal aviation and has developed into a well-respected sport in recent years. The modern hang glider is an aircraft in every sense of the word. Having undergone strict airworthiness testing for structural strength and handling capabilities, today's hang gliders have an enviable safety record. Light and predictable controls, plus automatic stall recovery and anti-spin features built into the glider provide an aircraft that instills confidence and security in the trainee pilot.

The training necessary to start hang gliding is very minimal. Each technique is typically learned quite fast. If you are looking to start soaring by yourself, training hills are usually the first step; however, most students can start hang gliding from greater heights in as little as 3 days!

We demand that each Thrillations vendor treats safety of utmost importance. Even though hang gliding is an extremely low risk sport, our vendors ensure that the equipment they are using is working properly and up to date with todays standards. Preparation for your big day will be in the pilots hands. He or she will ensure that the weather is suitable for your flight, prior to your arrival. Once everything is cleared for take-off, you will enjoy the most free form of flight available.

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