Tandem Hang Gliding

Experience the freedom of an exhilarating Hang Gliding Adventure! Hang Gliding is the only aerial activity that puts the wings directly on your back, delivering an indescribable sensation of self-liberation that you will never forget! Experience the magical sensation of riding with the high winds through a cloud covered wonderland!

To launch, the pilot must run down a slope to get air moving across the wing at about 15 to 25 miles per hour which generates lift, the force that counters gravity and keeps the glider aloft. Once aloft, gravity (the weight of the hang glider and pilot) pulls the glider back toward Earth and propels the glider forward, continually causing air to flow over the wing.

Imagine soaring effortlessly above the trees and achieving ultimate freedom first hand. Hang Gliding will change your perspective of the world around you. Our professional, certified hang gliding network is here to give you the experience of a lifetime. Whether you are looking for a tandem flight, or to become a certified Hang Glider Pilot yourself, Thrillations can help you arrange the most unforgettable experience of your life. You'll be able to complete exciting maneuvers, turns and flips in the air as you fly with your instructor. Most Tandem Hang Gliding Flights consist of a short introductory briefing followed by a 30-45 minute flight and is available at dozens of locations across America. Tandem flights are best for people seeking an amazing rush with minimum commitment. If you’re a newbie, we recommend this method for your first flight.

Come experience real high definition life first hand. Reality TV doesn't even begin to compare.

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