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Biplane & Warbird Ride Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age or weight restrictions?

There are no set age restrictions on the Biplane & Warbird rides. Our vendors will try to accommodate each and every person depending on their physical size, weight, height, and age. Most biplane and warbird rides are limited to roughly 450 pounds, per couple. Warbird rides are more restricted on the physical size and height of the passenger, rather than weight.

What should I wear?

Luckily, there is no strict dress code to adhere to with biplane and warbird rides. Anything comfortable will work. The cockpit tends to heat up a bit, so heavier clothing is typically not recommended.

Do the flights have flips and other aerobatics?

This will vary from location to location. Aerobatic options are typically available, but not always. By law, you are required to wear a parachute if aerobatics are going to be performed and this limits the maximum amount of passengers, per plane. Be sure to ask us whether or not your pilot will be offering these options!

Can I take a camera?

Not only is it allowed, it is encouraged. Make sure to bring your camera or grab a disposable camera from the store on the way to the airport. Wrist straps are highly recommened for anybody bringing a camera on the day of their flight.

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